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 Automotive Repair Browns Transmission Repair Newark Ohio Brown’s Transmission Repair has been servicing vehicles since 1959 and has become the trusted expert in analysis, service, and maintenance of transmissions. Our transmission specialists are trained and qualified to work on automatic and standard transmissions. Our auto mechanics are passionate about getting your vehicle back on the road safely and promptly.
 Automotive Repair Browns Tire Alignment Newark Ohio At Brown’s Transmission in Newark, Ohio we have state of the art alignment equipment to ensure that you have a safe journey on the road. Proper wheel alignment will greatly increase the life of your tires and help with fuel efficiency. Your vehicle will also drive more smoothly with tires that are properly aligned. Safety is another reason to have your vehicle checked for proper wheel alignment.
 Automotive Repair Drivability and Diagnostics Newark Ohio Drivablity & Diagnostics refers to anything that has to do with check engine lights or computer issues. At Brown’s Transmission, we use state of the art diagnostic equipment to analyze your vehicle’s on-board computer to check for faulty sensors and related issues. Your vehicle’s computer has control over many systems within your car or truck, and ignoring check engines lights and other warning lights can cause unwanted damage to your vehicle.

Brown’s Transmission is a third generation automotive repair center and has the knowledge and experience to fix your vehicle right the first time.
Our services include: Transmission Repair, Brakes, Tune-Ups, Heating & AC, Check Engine Lights, Alignments, Wheel Bearings, Coolant Flush, Drivability & Diagnostics, and more.


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